About Us

We Are A Canadian Art Supplier

RockWell Art Supplies Inc., based in Canada, stands as a global leader in providing top-tier artistic materials. Recognized for our expertise in crafting fine-grained natural mineral pigments, especially through the intricate art of hand-pigmented creations, we boast an impressive legacy of 32 years. Through extensive research and collaboration with distinguished artists worldwide, we have pioneered a new generation of exquisite gem-quality products.

Our dedicated team of professionals spans North America, Europe, and Asia, passionately promoting our offerings in over 17 countries and regions globally. At RockWell, we are more than suppliers; we are artisans of excellence. Our mission is to unite the world's foremost pigment experts, crafting unparalleled quality for artists and creators worldwide. We take immense pride in our work, constantly redefining artistic expression through our exceptional products.